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Trainees and training are the driving force of industrial growth and economic development for any country. Skill development is critical for achieving faster, sustainable and inclusive growth on the one hand and for providing decent employment opportunities to the growing young population on the other. countries with higher and better levels of trainees with the help of skill development adjust more effectively challenges and opportunities in industrial technical education.

India has gradually evolved as a knowledge-based economy due to the abundance of capable, flexible and qualified in industrial and technical education. with the constantly rising influence of globalization, India has immense opportunities to establish its distinctive position in the world with help of skill development. However, there is a need to further develop empower the skill development to ensure the nation's global competiveness.

Progressive governance, people with good entrepreneurship skills and excellent infrastructure and with excellent trainers has made India the prime destination globally in the field of technical education. To facilitate skill demand of the globe, India has initiated several scheme that would generate highly technocrats in the country.

Advantage India

  • Demographic dividend enhance the prospects of economic growth of the country
  • well defined and structured industrial technical educational system
  • skilling has become an important economic aspect
  • India is already in the path of becoming the worldwide sourcing hub for skilled workforce
  • High-Skilled trainers is the need of the hour in the every increasing technocrat globally in the job market. 

To showcase the huge skill potential available in India, Government of India with the help of Ministry of Labour under the flagship of DGE&T initiated skill development for training of trainers and set up first new private Institute of Training of Trainers (ITOT) at Hisar (Haryana) in the month of September, 2013 w.e.f November, 2013