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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

SDMITOT at Haryana aim at providing Quality Technical Training at very - 2 nominal charges in order to make these institute approachable by youngsters of economically weak families. The students here, get the support from the Govt. facility Members and the staff in shape of high quality industrial Training which helps shaping the raw youngster into heated Gold personal or valuable citizens of the nation who in turn, on one hand, get placed in high profile industries and earn their respective livelihood on the other hand, contribute in increasing the productivity of the nation.

  • Vision at a glance

* To facilitate quality technical education, training and expertise to students and in turn transforms them into committed technocrats,

*      to become internationally recognizable in the field of study and application of the wide spectrum of frontier technologies,

*      to develop innovative technologies through high-quality research based ideas and to transfer them to the industrial sector,

*      to develop new dimensions that integrate research, education and innovation in the sphere of academic and industrial research,

*      to support and investigate possibilities for regular and post-graduate studies,

*      to serve as an incubator for companies creation using research generated in the Institute,

*      to promote high technologies at the national and international level,

*      to provide value-oriented education, India's heritage, spiritual values in the context of global developments and aim at total personality development of its students.

  •   Mission at a glance

To develop renowned scientific institution locally and worldwide, contributing to high quality technical education and personnel with a sound background on basic engineering principles, technical and managerial skills, innovative research capabilities and exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of mankind and adapting them to changing technological environment with the highest moral values as the inner strength.

  •   Our Values

 The core values of SDMITOT define the Institute and provide the environment for all decisions and actions. These core values are as follows:

*      Education - Education is the key to individual, community, and economic development of a nation in a complex technological society.

*      Commitment to Students - Students deserves the finest instruction, resources and services to enhance their growth and development.

*      Opportunity- Serving to the diverse needs of student’s population through associate degrees, certificates and skill sets, as well as continuing education and lifelong learning.

*      Excellence - The College promotes excellence in personnel programs and commitment to integrity and high standards in teaching, learning and service.

*      Community - Partnerships that develop solutions to community challenges which are important to economic vitality and quality of life.

*      Diversity - Respect for diversity is an important part of the educational process for institute and nation’s growth.

*      Accountability- Efficient and effective management of human and financial resources that generates public trust

 1. To provide semi-skilled/skilled workers to industry by systematic training to school leavers.
 2. To reduce unemployment among educated youth by equipping them with suitable skills for industrial employment.
 3. Making productive & skilled workers available in various different trades & fields.
 4. Heightening the Industrial production and productivity by providing high quality training to the trainees
 5. To fulfill the needs of market & workers by running short term courses.
 6. To upraise the level of institute in nation by running multi - faceted and multitalented courses.
 7. Standardized the market norms by training Inspecting / Testing and certifying the on job worker.
  • Philosophy
We have developed and deployed a two-point business philosophy that forms the foundation of our entire training process.
These base points are:
 1. To deliver globally accepted training.
 2. To provide better services and suffice the needs of the customers in a timely manner.
  • Services We Offer
Being a prominent name in education industry, we aim at imparting best education to the students. Experts having tremendous experience and knowledge are engaged in grooming and training of the candidates.
  • Domain Expertise
The sincere efforts made by our experts and effective solutions provided by us has made us the most demanded Training Center among the students. We interact with the students, analyze their field of interest and then suggest them to opt for a particular course. As the working condition of every organization differs, we try our best to train our candidates accordingly. 
  • Team of Experts
Supported by the dedicated staff, we have carved a niche in education industry. Consultants and trainers having good knowledge and experience are hired by us. We aim at not only the growth and development of students but also of our faculty members. Various brainstorming sessions are conducted to enhance the skills of our professionals. Their dedication and hard work has secured our position in industry.
  • Quality Policy
Our prime motto is to impart quality training to the students. Courses offered by us are planned in such a manner that they help the person to achieve their career objectives. We give 100% assurance that our courses are best and they surely work for the growth and development of every student. Syllabus is revised timely so that students do not lag behind and have better insight of the market trends. 
  • Student Satisfaction
Our belief is to educate the students so that they can face the challenges of the outer world in an efficient manner. We regularly interact with our students, listen to their problems and try to give them better suggestions. Our professionals have helped us to meet the variegated demands of Design Engineering, Defense, Heavy Engineering, Space, Consultant organizations, Electronics, and Automotive companies. Our dedication for our profession has helped us to gain a prominent position in industry. 
  • Why Us?
We always remain step ahead in education industry by imparting quality education to the students. Sincere efforts of our professionals and well-equipped campus have helped us to become the first choice of the customers.  
  • Reasons contributing in our success:
1. Quality results are achieved consistently
2. Unmatched services
3. World class and comprehensive study material
4. Experienced faculty members and trainers
5. Nominal fee structure
6. Strategic association with our business partners
7. Innovative coaching and teaching methodologies
8. Trainers having practical industrial knowledge